HER Book - 'My name is NANIE'

This sweet, narrative picture book, highlights the importance of respect, kindness and friendship with people of diverse ethnicity, 

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Picture book to help kids learn and identify colors. (Coming Soon)


This book is AMAZING!

First, I need to say I don't know the author, nor am I getting any monetary gain. My 8 yr old read the book as she & I were having mommy-daughter day. She loved it, and I do as well.

The book challenges her; she learned how to pronounce new words, and what they meant.

The book gained her interest that she wanted to know more about the meaning and story behind her own name. 

She got out her world map and looked up the various countries mentioned within the book, now my 6 year old is also into it.

As a mother it gave us time to have fun academically as well as fun hair day.

I am ordering more for my nieces to read.

BUY the book if you want your child to learn more than words that rhyme. They'll learn words that add to their academic vocabulary; words that stimulates their little brains; you will LOVE this book.


Every name is Powerful...

This book is such a good book for children. It got me thinking why I chose my son's name; its meaning and how it could influence him as a person.

This book will help children realize the power and importance of their name.

I highly recommend.

Yvonne Udo
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