About Her

MBA | Writer | Creative Director

Born, Nanie Chioma Memeh, in Brooklyn New York; raised in Rivers State, Nigeria. Nanie grew up with an aspiration of becoming an attorney.
After graduating high school at age 16 and undergraduate at 21, her dream was close in sight but life seem to have a different career path for her.

Nanie discovered her love for fashion design, and soon opened an online boutique, sourcing fabric from Nigeria and working with local vendors, all while attending graduate school.

Business school challenged her to look deeper, for skills, interests and talents that hadn't been tapped from within. Inspired by the story of her birth, her immigrant parents, and childhood in Nigeria, Nanie wrote her first children picture book in 2018 and self-published the same year.

Feeling so many untold stories within her, Nanie has vowed to continue writing literary pieces that reflect the diverse images and experiences of our world, while also honoring the power of her imagination with fictional pieces that delight, entertain and educate.

In the meantime, Nanie lives in Seattle, which has been home to her for the past 14 years.

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